Ariane LIVE

the new cross platform cave mapping solution is now available !

Intuitive Stick Map Building

Thanks to its intuitive interface, Ariane Live allows you to quickly enter your data and visualize the resulting stick map directly on the satellite map !

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Accurate gallery profile

Angular profile description allows you to describe the profiles with a high level of precision and flexibility and export the resulting 3D cave model

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Works on both Mac OSX (Intel based using Firefox browser) and PC (Windows 7+) and is backward compatible with Ariane 2.1

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Ariane 2.1

the free cave mapping solution for PC

Ariane is a new generation graphical cave mapping utility. It focuses on the visual aspect quality of the of the stick maps it produces as well as its intuitive graphical based interactions with the data. It is free for non commercial use and you can quickly learn to use it by watching the Video Tutorial

Worldwide more then 130000 feet of cave have already been mapped using Ariane.


Ariane Live updated 1.0.48

Maps can now be exported as SVG, allowing easy integration as high quality vectorial drawing in your html5 website.

Ariane Live in Africa !

The DRSS ( Dominican Republic Speleological Society ) is using Ariane Live for its current exploration expedition in Africa.

Ariane Live updated 1.0.44

A profile view showing the depth/penetration distance has been added.